SIIGHTS Release Emotionally-Driven New Single “One More”

It’s been almost a year since I was blown away by Irish/Scottish duo SIIGHTS‘ single “Tell Me Lies“, a song a hopeless romantic like myself instantly connected with on so many levels and had on repeat throughout last Christmas — and even this year to be honest with you. The duo are back with another emotionally-driven single titled “One More”, taken from their much anticipated debut EP. Unlike their previous single “Shoulda Been”, the new track showcases a darker evocative side to the rising duo’s songwriting and sound. Built over dark synths and piano with hypnotic vocals, their lyrics are frank and heartfelt, as they describe the struggle and emptiness of romantic encounters and relationships — a very relatable topic for many of us.

“Relationships these days can be messed up. Everyone’s hurt and carrying that from one relationship to the next. We talk for months then walk past each other in the street like strangers. We block each other and say things we probably don’t mean. We don’t even try to understand as we struggle to communicate because everything’s online and people barely want to pick up the phone. The culture feeds it. Online dating culture has created a monster in where you judge each other instantly on one image and two sentences. Maybe we’re hopeless romantics I guess but, isn’t it time to give each other and in turn ourselves a bit more?”SIIGHTS.

It’s another beautiful song by one of the best emerging acts on the planet, who wanted to ensure the recording stayed raw and organic so they mic’d up an old Grand Piano which was the actual piano they originally wrote the song on. Press play and add this to your playlists.

Listen to “One More” below:

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