LOUD HOUND — Post Internet

LOUD HOUND releases stunning new single “Post Internet”

Tommy Florio, also known as LOUD HOUND, continues his streak of catchy releases with “Post Internet”. Hailing from a small town near Philly, Florio brings a West Coast vibe to this track, with production that exudes a summery feel. His sun-soaked vocal performance complements the laid-back atmosphere perfectly, making “Post Internet” another standout addition to his repertoire of bops this year.

“I wrote this song during a time when I was doing a social media detox. I wanted to dig deeper into understanding how I viewed the internet. It’s important to identify when some of our behaviors are becoming a “bit toxic” or “out of control”. I still find myself glued to my phone when I don’t need to. The internet feels like a friend or a lover. It’s always there. Find the balance and live in the balance. It’s somewhere there, you just need to find it. But now I’m curious, what would humans be like without the internet now?” LOUD HOUND.

Stream “Post Internet” below:

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