London-based French singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB unveils her debut EP “Oceans”.

YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB is a name many people will not be familiar with, however her powerful ballad “Oceans” may just win her a lot of new fans. The song has a universal appeal that brings out so much emotion in you with similar vibes to the great Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”. The EP features two remixes — one with newcomer Thandie Bomvu, who has been working closely with the mysterious artist throughout the year and a 4AM Version, which is more soft electronic driven. With a new name in place and a new sound she’s been secretly developing, 2020 should be an interesting year for YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

“After a music show I grabbed a guitar and my friends wanted me to sing ‘Oceans’. I started singing and Thandie started harmonising. She did it for fun but her voice was sounding so great and all of a sudden it hit me. ‘Let’s record a remix’, I said to her. She wasn’t too sure about it but I quickly convinced her. We got into the studio the next day, she wrote her verse, we recorded her parts and the whole song was ready in the evening. It all happened so quickly, and everything came together perfectly”YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Stream “Oceans” EP below:




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