LEOBLU — backlash

Berlin-based artist and producer LEOBLU releases powerful new single “backlash”

LEOBLU, the captivating solo project of Berlin-based artist and producer Julia Carlsson, makes her DNü debut with the stunning “backlash”, taken from her upcoming EP Blu Lucid Nightmare.

The anthemic track serves as a powerful declaration of self-liberation and empowerment. Born from a place of anger, it carries an undertone of freedom and joy— capturing the journey of breaking free from oppressive relationships, and embracing one’s true identity. The song, driven by indie-rock with electronic production elements, also features beautiful melodies and a memorable chorus. The accompanying music video was shot by her brother Jonathan Carlsson in the historic Town hall of Mariehamn on the Åland Islands.

“This song comes from a place of feeling suppressed and pushed down by someone close to you, someone who claims to love you but constantly keeps you down. ‘backlash’ is about finally breaking free and becoming the person they always tried to keep you from becoming. You can finally see clearly, you finally become yourself, and you are free. Essentially, you have become their ultimate backlash.”LEOBLU.

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