HEN$HAW Unveils Melancholic Banger “LOWKEY”

After releasing his official debut single “Under Attack” almost a year ago, 18 year-old London-based rapper HEN$HAW has gone on to headline a sold out gig in his hometown Camden, been handpicked to perform at a Music for Youth gig and supported the collective Midnight Society at their London gig.

Embodying the air of confidence currently surging through the thriving UK alt rap scene, HEN$HAW, known for his razor sharp and menacing lyricism, shows his vulnerable side as he opens up to listeners on the emotionally-driven new single “LOWKEY”. He flourishes on the melancholic banger produced by longtime friend goodbyechase — it’s a vibrant beat which seamlessly infuses UK Garage and UK rap as the rising stars rhymes ventures into depression.

“LOWKEY is a mix of Garage, UK Rap and my own unique style, it’s incomparable to anything you’ve heard before. On this track I wanted to give my supporters an insight into my life when I’m Callum and not Henny, it reveals my strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.The track is heavily influenced by UK Garage and artists like The Streets, DJ Luck, AJ Tracey, MC Neat, DJ Pied Piper & Monsta Boy”HEN$HAW.

Listen to “LOWKEY” below:

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Photography by: @sara_shots_

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