SAREYA Shares Debut Single “bury my mind”

As we prepare our end of year lists, Canadian singer-songwriter SAREYA has emerged out of nowhere with one of the most captivating debuts we’ve heard in 2019. “bury my mind” is a beautiful and honest song that many listeners will be able to relate to. The production has nostalgic vibes of early 2010’s R&B music with sprinkles of slowed-down dance-pop vibes that ruled global charts. With her alluring and heart-warming vocals throughout, SAREYA bares her soul on the emotionally-driven record and sounds very contemporary — she’s going to be a star.

“I wrote this song about not knowing who I am, wanting to follow my dreams but always changing my mind, always wanting to be someone else. I tried so many different things to try and find who I am but none of them felt like me. Through writing this song I finally feel comfortable in who I am and don’t care if people accept me or not. I realised that it takes a life time to figure out who we are, and growing and changing is a part of that. Bury my mind means a lot to me because it is my very first song, and I feel like a completely different person because of it”SAREYA.

Listen to “bury my mind” below:

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