SIIGHTS Return With New Single “Better Now”

The Scottish-Irish duo consisting of Toni Etherson and Mia Fitz are back with their third release “Better Now”, taken from their upcoming self-titled debut EP.

“Better Now” is another impressive single by SIIGHTS, co-written with songwriter/producer Emi Dragoi who reached out to them to collaborate after hearing their music. Emi has worked with some of the best pop superstars around such as Sasha Sloan, Meghan Trainor, G-Eazy and Lennon Stella.

“The song touches on the difficult thoughts and hurt experienced trying to get over someone from your past but thinking back and wondering could things be different if you gave it a second chance with the knowledge you now have. It’s definitely a bit of a ‘what if’ song. In the studio we wanted to keep the verses quite intimate and raw but for the drop to really have a lot of energy. It was actually the last song we wrote out of all the tracks on the EP”SIIGHTS.

SIIGHTS have delivered another captivating pop record with infectious melodic verses and a lush production that reminds us of summer. The duo have this special gift where they turn emotionally-driven lyricism into anthemic songs with replay value. Overall, “Better Now” is an exciting blend of pop and electronic music with a powerful lyrical performance that helps drive the message home in their own unique and breathtaking style.

Stream “Better Now” below:

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