GARCÍA Picasso x Vinila von Bismark — Beso Pagao

Spanish artist GARCÍA Picasso links up with Vinila von Vismark on new single “Beso Pagao”

Spanish artist GARCÍA Picasso has unveiled a mesmeric collaboration with Spanish singer and scenic artist Vinila von Bismark which sounds like something out of the 80’s combined with a modern sound. Inspired by Bedroom Pop and moments of isolation, “Beso Pagao” evokes an atmosphere of sensuality and complicity, and sonically, it effortlessly mixes flamenco elements with catchy vocals reminiscent of the rhythms and sounds of ambient of chill out music.

The vocals are gorgeous throughout, the song has this catchiness which makes you want to continuously play it, and for some, really tap into the Spanish music scene. The accompanying music video directed by D. Eceolaza, shows a cinematic scene of sensuality in which both artists let themselves go into a night of isolation.

Stream “Beso Pagao” below:

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Photo Credit: Daniel Eceolaza

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