Noy Markel — Sometimes

Noy Markel releases stunning new single “Sometimes”

NYC-based singer-songwriter Noy Markel makes her DNü debut with her stunning new single “Sometimes”, accompanied by a vibrant, colourful music video set in upstate New York that perfectly mirrors the energy of the track, celebrating the inevitable uncertainty of everyday life. The track is the first single taken from her upcoming EP, co-written and produced by Tim Atlas.

Effortlessly combining indie, pop, R&B with sprinkles of soul, Noy delivers a gorgeous vocal performance— lyrically she details the struggles of trying to stay focused in a world that moves in such high-speed— instantly connecting with most listeners. Infectious melodies and exceptional writing built over a captivating production, “Sometimes” is without a doubt, one of the best songs you’ll hear this year.

“We are constantly creating our own realities and getting lost in our thoughts. The song was born out of a conversation on perspective. The idea of watching different sunrises and the realization that sometimes the most meaningful moments happen in our own minds. I wanted to celebrate the hide-and-seek relationship we have with ourselves. A way of owning our own narrative by letting go. I wanted the music video to feel like an escape and a celebration of the whole process.”Noy Markel.

Stream “Sometimes” below:

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Photo Credit: Francinia Casimiro

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