Fritz Hager — Bad Friend

Fritz Hager captures young love’s turmoil with “Bad Friend”

Today, indie rock / pop singer-songwriter Fritz Hager makes his DNü debut with his emotional offering, “Bad Friend”, a moody and introspective ballad well worth a listen.

Released via 19 Recordings, the song explores the complexity of young love and its impact on friendships, enticing listeners with captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Brilliantly written, and in some way relatable, Fritz Hager delivers a breathtaking vocal performance that evokes the moodiness of artists like Ed Sheeran and Sufjan Stevens.

“When we wrote this song, we wanted to explore how confusing love can be at a young age when you don’t have the tools to communicate it. ‘Bad Friend’ is a melancholic look into the past and a kind of apology to the people we hurt.” — Fritz Hager.

Stream “Bad Friend” below:

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Photo Credit: Easton Schirra

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