Moli — Funeral

Belgian singer-songwriter Moli shines on emotionally-driven single “Funeral”

Moli (born Molly Irvine) makes an impressive debut on DNü with her captivating and emotionally-charged single, “Funeral”. The track, co-written with her close friend and co-writer Michael Ochs in Berlin back in 2021, emerged from a stripped-back piano session. This led to the intriguing concept of a funeral, exploring the idea of who would attend. The song serves as a metaphor for clinging to the memories of people who were once close but have since drifted away.

Her captivating vocals immediately pull you in, making you hang on to every melody and every word she sings, creating a deep connection. This is the kind of song that will bring tears to your eyes and resonate with people from all walks life. “Funeral” is undeniably beautiful, and a must-listen for music lovers.

Stream “Funeral” below:

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Photo Credit: Frederick Wilkinson

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