BLÜ EYES — The Last Songs I’ll Write About You [EP]

LA-based rising star BLÜ EYES unveils new EP The Last Songs I’ll Write About You

Watching LA-based rising star Katie Stump aka BLÜ EYES’ rise in the past few years has been so beautiful. She’s so deserving of all the praise and support from fans, tastemakers and well-respected outlets around the world— and she’s undoubtedly headed for more success.

She recently released her stunning new EP The Last Songs I’ll Write About You, the 7-track released via VERSION III, effortlessly blends her signature bedroom pop production and explores topics such as loss, identity and abandonment. BLÜ EYES has this genuine nature and charming personality that has helped her build a loyal following on TikTok and Instagram.

The EP itself showcases her emotionally-driven songwriting, and flawlessly blends bedroom pop with sprinkles of indie and folk and everything in between. BLÜ’s celestial vocals shine throughout, perfectly matching with the captivating production— she produced all of the tracks, and co-produced the opening track “Olive” with Jeoff Harris.

Stream the EP below:

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