Vic August Shows Promise On “BANG”

Australian artist Vic August may be relatively unknown to most but he’s someone we all need to start paying attention to.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but it only has a population of 26 million people and the majority of those people live in the eastern part of the country. In recent years we’ve discovered many talented Aussie artists such as Anfa Rose, Manu Crooks, JOY, BLESSED and more. The latest discovery may be the most exciting one yet — emerging artist Vic August hails from Western Australia and is arguably one of the best up and coming artists around.

His latest offering “BANG” is an outstanding single with the potential to become a global hit if it reaches the right people. The production is both captivating and eclectic, creating an infectiously catchy vibe with a lot of replay value as his rap-sung vocals flawlessly matches it. There’s sprinkles of Tory Lanez’s mixtape days sound here, but more dynamic and fresher. Vic August is up next, add this to your playlists.

Stream “BANG” below:

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