Introducing Australian Emerging Artist Christos

Christos is another exciting emerging artist from down under— we had the opportunity to get to know him a bit better and talk about his new single “Surrounded”.

There’s plenty of talented and exciting emerging Australian artists out there who have the potential to be global stars, however most music lovers tend to focus more on the US, UK, Japan, German, African, and Latin markets to find talents. Over the years here at DNü, we’ve covered artists such as Manu Crooks, Kllo, BLESSED, Anfa Rose, Chymes, Vera Blue, JOY. and many more. Most of them are doing well, but not well enough, why? Because they’re not getting as much exposure as they need outside of Australia, New Zealand and surrounding countries. So therefore whenever we either discover or are introduced to an artist from down under, we get a little excited. A few days ago we introduced you to 17 year-old Sydney-based singer-songwriter Chloe Parché, and today we’d like to introduce you to Brisbane rising star Christos. His melodic rap style infused with R&B and pop may not be new to us but it’s universally appealing, and it proves there’s a lot of hidden talent down under. Christos is an artist we feel has a very bright future ahead of him if he remains consistent.

Read our conversation below:

Hey Christos, how are you doing

Hey! I’m feeling good and happy to be talking about this release with you.

Nice! Where are you based?

I’m from a city called Brisbane located in Australia. 

What inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve always loved music since I was a young kid. I grew up with it around me all the time, seeing how it can connect people and make them experience things. I feel like it was only a matter of time before I started making my own. 

Who are some of your favourite artists?

At the moment it’s gotta be Polo G, Jack Harlow and Laroi for sure. I also really mess with Vory, Beam and Dro Kenji. 

Awesome taste. How would you describe your sound to a stranger?

I’d say it’s a mix between Hip hop, pop and R&B. I’m trying to incorporate that more mainstream sound into my newer stuff while still keeping it 100% me. 

You’ve just released your new single “Surrounded”, what message are you trying to convey on the song?

The song is about meeting someone special when you least expect it but need it the most. I talk about what it’s like to be somewhere you feel out of place, surrounded by people you don’t like but then being approached by that person who makes it all better. I was really just trying to take listeners on a journey in which they could relate to. 

Talk us through the creative process.

I was listening to beats one night, one came up that had some really cool electric guitar chords and I instantly knew I wanted to record to it. I was over at my mums place that weekend and didn’t have my proper setup so I literally just took my mic and laptop into her storage room and started recording. I ended up using all those vocals for the final version too. 

Amazing. How long did it take you to write the song?

It took me a few hours… I really got in the zone with this one. A lot of the first verse and hook was pretty much me freestyling and punching in. As soon as I recorded the hook I instantly knew I wanted to finish the whole song.  

Have you set yourself any expectations for the single?

I always set goals for myself going into a release but I never try and obsess over numbers and things I can’t control. My main focus is on growing my audience and making better music with each song I drop. 

Great mentality to have. Will there be visuals for the single?

If the response is good and the people want a visual, I’d love to film a music video for this track! 

What’s next for you?

Just music, lots of music. All year long and consistently. I’m wanting to get some more visuals filmed and start doing live shows too. I’m thinking about dropping another EP soon as well… 

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