Brisbane’s Austen Releases New Single “North South East West”

Hooky and emotive, presenting “North South East West” off Austen’s upcoming EP Small.

Ok kids today we have something special. A perfect balance between psychedelic/electro pop and your favourite commercial sound, Austen’s “North South East West” tells a pretty pop story of the commitment to adventure, to love’s sweetest moments, with that person you adore. She describes it as a ‘love letter to the honeymoon phase’. Lol, haven’t we all been there…

Way back when I discovered Austen’s 2019 single “Holding On”, and her voice has been a staple in my Spotify library ever since. Austen is an artist who has made her name herself. She uploaded the first songs she ever finished onto the internet— going on to amass millions of streams across her catalogue as an independent artist. Something extremely impressive for a newcomer in the indie pop world. Her beautiful tone and ear for those catchy pop melodies makes it no surprise listeners quickly took notice of Austen.

Born and raised in Dalby, her love of music and art as escapism started early in a home filled with musical inspiration, she watched her parents play together as a duo, raised on a healthy diet of 60’s rock, pop, and classical music.

This song is for car drives with the roof down.

Austen on her inspiration:

“Ironically stemming from a dark place, I went into that studio session having just found out 10 minutes earlier that a person really close to me had been telling me loads of lies – which is where the first verse started from: wondering what makes someone feel the need to lie? We took that, tried to laugh at it, and went on to spin it into something positive, imagining the flip side of the situation where things are easy breezy, simple, and comfortable”.

Stream “North South East West” here:

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Photo Credit: Jeff Andersen Jnr.

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