Niki Sabrina Shines On Debut Single “Validate”

18 year-old Czech singer, songwriter and producer Niki Sabrina shines on stunning debut single “Validate”.

Her message read, ‘I know my music’s a little weird, but I believe with a little help it could find its audience’, luckily for her we’re also a little weird over here so this turned out to be a perfect match. Born in a bilingual household, 18 year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicole Sabrina Stenzl AKA Niki Sabrina grew up in a small town in the Czech Republic, an hour away from the Austrian capital Vienna, a city she considers her second home. She first started writing songs at the age of 15 after being captivated by the late Amy Winehouse’s album Back To Black— this album also helped change her views on the art of music creation and broaden her taste beyond mainstream culture.

With its infectious hook, well-crafted songwriting and a stunning production, her debut single “Validate” is a refreshing electronic-centred pop track taken from her upcoming self-produced EP Forever Misunderstood due out at the end of May. Although she has carved out an extraordinary and enticing sound, there’s still a lot of room of improvement. And we believe with the right team behind her, the soon-to-be Londoner has the potential to become the voice of this new generation.

“I wrote, recorded, produced and engineered this song entirely by myself in my bedroom. It has elements of hyperpop and electronic music, but I would mainly describe it as an alternative pop song”Niki Sabrina.

Stream “Validate” below:

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