Sycco Stuns With New release “Times Up”

19 year old, Brisbane artist Sycco hits hard with new release “Times Up.”

Futuristic and weaving in and out of reality. Moody, electronic, and entrancing. I want more Sycco! I want Sycco’s music in a juice box! In a bottle! She is so cool, and there is something so interesting about her music, this release of energy, something conveyed through her sound that is just such a statement for a young artist in a world like this. She was recently signed to Future Classic, home to Flume, SOPHIE, G Flip and more….and it’s no surprise.

“Times Up” is a breakup song full of residual rage and anxiety, whilst still celebrating someone elated to be set free. The charging pop chorus is an ear-worm; a mantra for self worth absolutely electric with both grief and sheer joy. 

The layers of this song are gripping, smart bass, vocal echos, diving synths, percussion, and high frequency experimental sounds littered throughout the track. The lyrics exude confidence, and an attitude that tells me she’s done with the bullshit.  When she sings, “Expect nothing less from me, No more replies… Oh you don’t wanna fuck with me” — you can feel her confidence and verve in your bones. We love to hear it, all power to you Sycco.

I really love her guys.

“During lockdown [co-producer] Ed Quinn sent me a bunch of beats to have a listen to and this beat jumped out at me.  It was this Solange feel that I vibed.  While I was producing it up, I tried to make it sound like Radiohead meets Pharrell. The song definitely reflects the emotional turbulence and anger I was feeling during lockdown. Making this song was a huge release of all that negative energy”Sycco.

Stream “Times Up” below:

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