Indie Pop Prodigy Julian Daniel Unveils New Single “Anxiety”

Rising indie pop prodigy Julian Daniel releases an upbeat, yet intimate single “Anxiety.”

After sitting on my porch feeling too anxious to answer phone calls, to get my work done, to think about all the hours left in the day I thought about the message of this song and I got up. Anxiety is normal, it’s a part of life, it’s a part of youth, it’s an extension of the phrase GEN Z. Luckily enough we have artists like Julian Daniel to be honest about it, and make awesome songs to rage in your bedroom when you’re feeling too low for the rest of the world.

I had a session with Julian earlier this week where we spoke about his hiatus from music during 2020, he told me with the pandemic bearing down on him, and his own expectations of himself of course, he wanted to take a break from the online world, and from consuming music as a whole. He talked to me about how this song felt like his first real release (although he actually does have an awesome discography you should check out).

“Anxiety” was written with Maddy Abela and produced by Ryan Fitz, and is a true indie pop record. It’s a song to sing into your hairbrush, to blast in the shower, to scream into your pillow to. It’s also giving a backseat make-out moment or sneaking out your window at night with this playing in your air pods.

The video is a cool, colourful world, a dreamscape of a bedroom built for a star like Julian.

“Over the past year, I dove deep into self-reflection, questioning who I am and who I want to become. In many ways, the song that I am sharing with you today feels like my first ever release, as it was created during a time when I removed outside influences and focused on myself. (the song) chronicles an anxiety attack I had about a year ago when regular attacks felt inescapable. There was so much chaos going on in the world already that simple everyday tasks like getting out of the house and going for a walk became overwhelming. I am not and will never be ashamed or scared to talk about my mental health, nor should anyone ever. I want to remove the stigma around these issues so that we all feel comfortable talking about our experiences”Julian Daniel.

Stream “Anxiety” below:

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