wilter Debuts Psychedelic Single “solo/solong”

LA-based singer-songwriter wilter debuts psychedelic single “solo/solong.”

On the chaos that is our lives— an artist puts it all into words, chords, sounds and melodies that feels like the anthem I needed to remind me to let go of all the anxiety, solitude, and pressure that we have all been forced to face over this pandemic. If I was at the beach solo on a humid cloudy day this song would make me cry. It’s really beautiful.

From melancholic acoustic guitars and yearning vocal harmonies reminiscent of Bon Iver or Alex G, to ambient electronic inspired synth and eclectic sampling, to production bordering on the psychedelic, wilter’s songs blend the human and artificial into something soothingly unstable. It is a piece of art most definitely, unique in all the ways music should be and familiar in all the ways that emotions are.

At the jump of 2020 wilter earned his computer science degree, and that technical knowledge allows for production that is a gorgeous balance between experimental and artificial, creating a trance of ambience that really coats you in the world of an artist.

After 2020 cut short a solo backpacking trip wilter decided to return home and focus on his craft, leading him to create work that lives in the in-betweens. In between places, conversations, relationships, thoughts, dreams. This song very much sounds like a dreamscape.

About the initial creation of the track wilter says:

“I wrote the initial synth patch and melody on a red-eye flight while everyone was asleep. Despite having tons of people packed closely around me in this cold aluminum tube hurtling over the ocean below – it was the first moment I felt the full weight of my aloneness after a breakup. There’s a certain type of hollow beauty you can only feel in loss. A bittersweet optimism about who you are and where you’re going…a moment of stillness in the turbulence…”

Stream “solo/solong” below:

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