Sad Boys Club

Most of our focus this month has been on unsigned and emerging female artists around the world as March is Women’s History Month in certain countries. After being approached by a friend of mine a few weeks ago about my rather “strange” addiction to sad and depressing music, I’ve decided to share some of my favourite sad songs. I have this instant connection with melancholic songs, for some odd reason, sad songs make me happy.

It’s not just any sad song though — the production has to be captivating, the singers vocals has to be compelling, the songs content has to be relatable and the chorus/hook has to be infectious. Alternative R&B and alternative pop are my go to genres for sad songs, and I had this idea of creating a….. Wait for it; “sad boys club” — an underground club for broken hearted men, a great alternative to drugs, alcohol and the biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK — suicide. A safe place where men can meet like-minded people and share their personal experiences while these songs below play out loud in the background.

Here’s a selection of songs below:

Always Never — It’s Over

12AM x Jez Dior — Couple Pills

Teflon Sega — Oh Yeah

Santino Le Saint — Feel Like Drugs

K-SI Yang — Real

Fabian Secon — Run Away

Eli Sostre — Same Pain

BRIDGE — Save Me

12AM — Can’t Love

Klepto Magz x Anfa Rose — Way Up

S.L.M.N x Luu Breeze x Emerson Brooks — Too Much Time

12AM — Save Me

Always Never — No Good

Darci — These Nights

Marr Grey — Beauty In You

pre kai ro — over you

Kevin George — Everybody Lies

Teflon Sega x SAINt JHN — Berreta Lake

SAINt JHN — Selfish

Darci — Two Up

Featured image: Darci

Christos — stranger