Humane The Moon x Jeshi — K9

East London indie punk artist Humane The Moon teams up with Jeshi on stunning new single “K9”

Back with a bang, rising East London indie punk artist Humane The Moon links up with close collaborator and fellow East Londoner Jeshi on their stunning new track, “K9”. The track seamlessly blends Humane’s gritty alt-grunge sound with Jeshi’s innovative alternative hip-hop to create a track that is sonically explosive and deeply engaging.

“Jeshi, courage and me had got in and put on some car crash compilations on the tv in the studio. That kind of just translated itself into k9. Jeshi and Joe are pure talents, The song found its anti authoritarian feet naturally.‘It’s a tight rope between fuck it and purpose’- the consensus of being alive in London at this age. Doing enough is not doing enough so fuck it, life is a circus let’s have a bit of fun. As Jeshi puts it, ‘it won’t even matter when everything’s over.” — Humane The Moon.

“Me and Humane always got a great way of bouncing off each other in the studio pushing each other to do the best shit. This was the ultimate  payoff of that… I love the idea of pulling out your own canine tooth before ever listening to what somebody else has to say.”Jeshi.

Stream “K9” below:

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