Mysterious Act ISEEBLUE Release Debut EP “ACOUSMATIC”

Last summer we discovered one of the most exciting and appealing acts out there — the mysterious duo ISEEBLUE. Their single “Living Too Fast” instantly became one of our most played tracks of Summer 2018. After that release they went quiet for a year despite accumulating over a million streams across all platforms. They eventually returned in August 2019 with the genre-bending banger “WINDOW” — showcasing their superior musical ability, as well as pleasing their patient fan base.

Their name ISEEBLUE can be interpreted in a variety of ways: You could be seeing blue because you are sad, it’s raining outside, you’re staring at a blue wall and so on. The dynamic duo aim to remain anonymous and let their music speak for them. Their debut EP ACOUSMATIC features 6 captivating tracks that combine genres such as hip-hop, pop, R&B and electronic music flawlessly. The standout track “ILL GO” is a jet-setting dance tune that may just be their breakthrough single if they decide to push it.

ACOUSMATIC is a cohesive project with replay value and evident that ISEEBLUE are going to be around for a long time. Listen below:

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