Natalie Oaks Shares Debut EP ‘Keeping Up Appearances’

Fresh out of quarantine chaos, Bristol based Natalie Oaks sets us at ease with debut EP Keeping Up Appearances.

The third track “Poison Ivy” opens up “I wish I wasn’t see through”… I was like damn, same. Natalie Oaks is a unique brand of alternative hip-hop, trip-hop. Blissful, dreamy, melodic beats that pair so smoothly with her low tone voice and riveting harmonies just gliding over it. With her main influence being Lauryn Hill it is not surprising her music has a cadence that calms your soul, she carries this raw quality that make the overall EP just so soothing. She speaks of love, habit, loneliness, isolation, new experiences, and mental health. My personal favourite is “One of a Kind”, where she begs a lover for the peace of mind they bring to her through the times she feels she is losing it.

Each of the 4 songs has a quality to it I think anyone who struggles with mental health magnified by quarantine will connect with. It is the perfect music to give your day a beautiful start, or to wind down and let go at the end of a shitty one. Natalie’s fresh musical nuance signifies her arrival as an exciting new talent, as you find yourself absorbed in her natural, poetic lyricism and soothing vocal performances.

Natalie explains:

“The EP was written at a time full of confusion and desperation. 2020 was tough and it meant that I spent a lot of time in my own head, trying to understand how I felt about so many things that usually went on in my life. From unhealthy obsessions to daydreams. The stories I tell, although seemingly uncomplicated, navigate those moments of self-reflection we all experience when we get a moment to step back from the chaos. ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ is a snapshot of my search for clarity… whilst trying to do it with style.”

Stream the EP below:

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Photo Credit: KHALI

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