Blackneeyz x Shai Sevin — Reach

Blackneeyz links up with Shai Sevin on debut single “Reach”

Having worked with the likes of Zachary Hines, Isaac B, Burna Boy and more, Birmingham-based artist, producer and trombonist Blackneeyz recently released his debut single “Reach”. Linking up with Shai Sevin, another artist and producer who has left his mark on the UK music scene in the past decade, “Reach” carries a vibe reminiscent of the late 90s and early 00s, offering a smooth and nostalgic listening experience.

“In the struggle, I’m pushing for that triumph. Through the storms, I find paths to peace . My sanctuary, where I escape, where my dreams are within reach and my problems drift away. Regardless of the highs and lows, I’m on that journey, no cease. From the greatest depths, I find my sound and my melody of hope. Even when I’m feeling low, I know I will reach the other side, I have to. Inner peace, my destination, first stop on this ride of therapy. Resilience is just turning pain to power. In these times where struggle becomes a symphony, I find my finest hour.” — Blackneeyz.

Stream “Reach” below:

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