Kacey Fifield — Left Behind

Kacey Fifield releases “Left Behind”, taken from new EP Nostalgia Haunts Me

New York City-based singer-songwriter Kacey Fifield makes her DNü debut with “Left Behind”, the focus track from her new EP Nostalgia Haunts Me. This indie pop track is laced with captivating melodies throughout. And despite its dark lyrical theme, Kacey’s vocals effortlessly flow over the production to create an upbeat vibe.

“I came up with the idea for this song when I was in the thick of receiving my college decisions. It was the end of the year, all of my relationships felt like they were falling apart, and I was terrified of the future. Since ‘nostalgia haunts me’, I felt terrified of ‘living in the past my whole life’ and getting ‘left behind’ by those around me. This darker lyrical theme is juxtaposed with an upbeat, danceable instrumental. This pairing is meant to express the catharsis of finally letting go of my fears and recognizing that my worries are out of my control.”Kacey Fifield.

Stream “Left Behind” below:

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Photo Credit: Maiya Buck

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