LUCA — Nothing Better

Harlem, NY-based artist and producer LUCA releases “Nothing Better” + debut EP ‘Decisions’

For the past two and a half years, emerging artist LUCA has been captivating us with a consistent stream of musical gems. Now, the moment we’ve all been patiently waiting for has arrived— he’s finally released his much-anticipated debut EP Decisions. This 6-track EP is nothing short of brilliant, showcasing his talent and immense potential.

The EP features the mesmerising focus track, “Nothing Better”, which serves as a testament to LUCA’s prowess as an artist. Once more, he dazzles with his soul-stirring vocals, showcasing maturity beyond his years in songwriting and delivering seamlessly polished production. His signature blend of funk and soul influences stands out from any alternative R&B tracks out there.

“Y’all ever gone back to an ex that you shouldn’t have? ‘Nothing Better’ is my anthem to the lovers who can’t let go. No matter how hard you try to pull away, nothing beats the security of a person that truly knows you.” — LUCA.

Stream “Nothing Better” below:

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