Eli Moon Releases New EP ‘Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels’

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Eli Moon bares his soul on outstanding new EP Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels.

Despite the ongoing global pandemic and our uncertain future, Eli Moon has been having a great year musically thanks to impressive releases such as the excellent “killmeinmysleep”, a response to the current pandemic and its impact on our mental health, and the first single from the new EP “Phases”— a more uptempo track which seamlessly infuses electronic pop with R&B. Picking up where he left off with his pivotal and critically acclaimed debut EP Bodies, the South Londoner returns with his latest EP Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels released via MERIDIAN.

The EP is a collection of songs which combine classic rock star poeticism with contemporary R&B. The songs were written in the period after his debut EP dropped— and portray different phases of the life he was experiencing. The opening track “Stasis” is an introspective alternative R&B ballad and one of the best songs you’ll hear this year. Moon’s vocal performance is breathtaking, his rich and melodic harmonies dominate throughout, showcasing his immense potential.

He also showcases his versatility on the four track EP, for example the ambitious dancefloor filler “Phases” proves he has what it takes to become a commercial powerhouse, and “Bigger Than Us” explores the duality of good vs evil and the potential existence of God over a vibrant production that sounds like it’s straight from the future. Although he sings over a bouncy and captivating production on the closing and standout track “Pray”, Moon bares his soul with lyrics that seem to address our society in general. Overall, Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels is an outstanding EP with substance and a lot of replay value— a rarity. Also, the themes he touches on throughout the EP will resonate with many listeners in today’s society.

“My previous work to date has been often a very introspective analysis of my own self, and of course there is a lot of that in this EP. However, this EP is more than just about me; it’s about human behaviour, human connection and about pushing boundaries. Each song is completely different, yet individually they combine to make something singular and if we all learned to accept each other’s individuality, the end result (society) would be a much stronger and harmonious place” Eli Moon.

Stream “Stasis” below:

Stream Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels below:

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