Stream Ella Vos’ New Album ‘Turbulence’

Stream Los Angeles singer-songwriter Ella Vos’ outstanding new album Turbulence.

In 2017 when I was searching through SoundCloud and Spotify for new alt-pop music to vibe to, I discovered Ella Vos‘ song “Down In Flames” taken from her EP Words I Never Said — I was immediately blown away by her vocal performance, and since then I’ve been a quiet super fan. For an artist who has been through it all— being diagnosed with cancer, depression and divorce from her first husband, Vos (born Lauren Salamone) triumphs on her outstanding new album Turbulence. Every single song is fantastic, her alluring voice seamlessly matches with each songs production. Instead of creating moody pop songs that we’re often drawn to when we’re in a bad place, Ella Vos has delivered an album with a euphoric undertone throughout which will most probably brighten up your day, Turbulence is a must listen.

Stream Turbulence below:

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