Chase Runna Drops Engaging Debut EP ‘In Due Time’

London-based rapper Chase Runna drops his debut EP In Due Time, an engaging drill project which stands out from the rest.

We don’t really feature much drill on DNü, but when we do it’s normally a sound that’s pretty unique in its own way. For example HEN$HAW’s “Paper Planes” back in 2019 was a drill track which infused emo and alternative rap well, and a few weeks ago we featured Svn. The. Singer’s captivating single “Energy”, an energetic drill track which infuses alternative R&B. We head over to North West London to introduce you to the underrated Chase Runna— although new to many people, he’s been a legend in his hometown with his rhythmic flows, storytelling rhymes and passion for music. Despite being reluctant to drop music at first, after shutting down one of our gigs back in April 2019, he quietly started working on his debut project In Due Time.

Overall, In Due Time is a strong debut— the cohesive 6-track EP conveys a unique concept to paint a detailed picture describing city life, his come up, pain, love, and various hood tales which many listeners from inner city areas will be able to relate to. The most impressive thing about this project is Runna’s flow pattern— instead of using the usual drill flows we’re used to, he uses his own original flow pattern which is refreshing to hear. The standout track “Bonnie” produced by goodbyechase, has this spaghetti-western vibe throughout and an engaging story about how a passionate relationship unfolds, all in the midst of life’s everyday hustle. Chase Runna exudes confidence throughout this EP, and gives drill a new lease of life with a memorable and solid body of work.

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