Meg Chandler — Bury You

Shropshire-based artist Meg Chandler unveils captivating alt-pop single “Bury You”

The UK’s filled with some of the best unsigned and emerging artists, most of them often go unnoticed— sadly. Today, 22 year-old singer-songwriter Meg Chandler from a little town in Shropshire makes her DNü debut with her captivating new single “Bury You”, and she’s an artist we feel, you really need to pay attention to.

Everything about “Bury You” is perfect— Meg’s vocals flow beautifully over the electric indie pop production which has a grungy edge to it. Lyrically, she vents about people that make existing a little bit trickier, also reflecting on how sometimes it can feel like the whole world is against you. “Bury You” is our song of the week, you can stream it below and also on our main playlist THE NÜ.

Stream “Bury You” below:

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