Leona Rue — New Type of Silence

Leona Rue releases new EP, which features the focus track “New Type of Silence”

At the young age of 19, promising artist Leona Rue possesses a remarkable voice that captivates listeners. Her distinctive style combines introspective and evocative lyrics with unforgettable melodies— crafting songs that are both poetic and infectious.

“New Type of Silence”, the focus track off her debut EP, All of London Saw, is filled with beautiful melodies. Her vocal performance instantly draws listeners in as she explores the loneliness that follows a breakup.

“This song is about being the second person in the breakup to get over it, which is always the hardest and most painful way. We came up with the tagline ‘feels like a new type of silence’, to describe that emptiness when that person is gone and how you never really knew true loneliness before. When you’re apart, everything reminds you of them, like songs on the radio and the colour of their bedroom wall paint.”Leona Rue.

Stream “New Type Of Silence” below:

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