Brent de la Cruz — Alone

Brent de la Cruz returns with euphoric new single “Alone”

With influences ranging from MGMT, to The Beatles, to Frank Ocean, and the everlasting sounds Motown has gifted, LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Brent de la Cruz has made a stunning return with his new single “Alone”.

Accompanied by a lyric video, “Alone” leaves a lingering emotional impression that is unlike anything else he has previously released. It exudes nostalgic melancholic vibes built over a captivating upbeat production. This is without a doubt one of the best songs you’ll hear this year— mark these words.

“Sometimes we stray away from the very things and people that’ve made us who we are; for better or for worse, in order to find who we think we should be. Exploring the depths of these emotions can often lead us to dark places, and sometimes it’s best not to give them power – but they usually end up making great stories.”Brent de la Cruz.

Stream “Alone” below:

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