Deadbeat Girl — Who Are You?

Deadbeat Girl releases intoxicating new single “Who Are You?”

Straight out of South Florida, the 20-year-old artist and producer Deadbeat Girl has just unveiled their most impressive release yet, “Who Are You?”. With passionate vocals that effortlessly flow over the angst-ridden production, this track evokes the raw energy of early 2000s grunge.

“Who Are You?” isn’t just catchy— it’s also a powerful reminder to stay true to yourself. Overall, this is a brilliant melancholic track by an artist who seems wise beyond their years. Deadbeat Girl is truly an artist you need to keep on your radar from now on.

I started the song with a little random thought I had written in my notes app, “change myself for you,” and I decided to write a song about what it feels like to be in a relationship where you feel like you need to change who you are for the person you’re with. It’s about watching your partner, as well as yourself, change into a different person. I think the best kinds of songs to listen to are the ones where you can just scream/belt out all of your anger and pain.” — Deadbeat Girl.

Stream “Who Are You?” below:

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Photo Credit: Claire Hodgkins

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