Fabian Secon | Camden Assembly | September 2019 | Jack Whitfield
Fabian Secon | Camden Assembly | September 2019

Fabian Secon Unveils Halloween Single “Annihilation”

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Fabian Secon is back with new single “Annihilation” — a dark track that combines both trap and rock music effortlessly, and references the infamous Jason Voorhees of horror franchise Friday the 13th.

“This track is pure destruction personified. I wanted an aggressive metal vibe that could also be understood in the rap world too”Fabian Secon.

It’s another compelling record by the genre-bending rising star whose been independently releasing music since 2016 and has already amassed over 25 million streams across all platforms. Press play and turn the volume up.

Listen to “Annihilation” below:

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