Myriam Adams x Rajan Marwaha — Moshpit

Midlands-based band Myriam Adams team up with Rajan Marwaha on emo-meets-trap collaboration “Moshpit”

Formed in the Midlands by Freddie HammondEthan FordeArchie Shanahan and frontman Jacques Hete back in 2019, Myriam Adams are an emerging post emo pop band generating a buzz within the grassroots scenes.

The band have teamed up with Rajan Marwaha for their latest single “Moshpit”— a genre-blending song that combines emo pop, trap, electronic and elements of alt-rap fairly similar to Brevin Kim.

“Life has mad ups and downs. I don’t care about genres, you can’t fit all our existence into one single genre. We make the music that makes us FEEL. This song is about losing your mind in a moshpit. Escapism is a form of introspection”Jacques Hete.

Myriam Adams have the potential to achieve mainstream success if they continue developing this captivating sound. It appeals to most music lovers in this current era, and has this electrifying energy that makes you want to jump in a moshpit and let go.

Stream “Moshpit” below:

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