Erika Tham — Admit It

LA-based artist Erika Tham shares debut single “Admit It”

Following a stellar career acting as a teen, 21 year-old Singaporean-Canadian singer, songwriter and actress Erika Tham realised her true passion was with and decided to put in the work to pursue it. Her debut single “Admit It” flawlessly combines R&B and pop, adding intricacy and bridging cultures with delicate Asian instrumentation.

Erika’s vocals are stunning throughout, and flow beautifully over the production— the chorus instantly sticks with you. Overall, it’s a captivating debut that fits the current soundscape. This is a promising start for an artist who has the potential to also conquer the music industry.

“‘Admit It’ is what I wish I could’ve said to someone that I was watching fall in love with me, when I knew I didn’t feel the same. It’s an honest conversation with myself and him; admitting my faults and hesitations when it comes to love. I’m sorry I let it get this far and that I let you think I was the one. ‘Pardon my seduction, I’ll pardon your assumptions’” — Erika Tham.

Stream “Admit It” below:

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