IkeN — Perfection // Trust

17 year-old Kenyan artist IkeN releases stunning new single “Perfection // Trust”

At times we often forget that some of the most talented artists and producers hail from Africa. I mean, it’s not our fault we’re not exposed to music scenes around Africa here in Europe or even in America. But with YouTube and also running a platform like DNü, you can discover amazing artists from all around the world.

17 year-old Kenyan singer, songwriter and producer IkeN is a breath of fresh air. Today, he’s released his stunning new single “Perfection // Trust”— a song created entirely in his bedroom. Although the song itself is very modern, it has this nostalgic 90’s R&B vibe that instantly hooks you in. IkeN’s voice is beautiful too, effortlessly flowing over the lush production. The future is very bright for this young man.

Stream “Perfection // Trust” below:

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