CAELAN — Forever With You

Japanese-American artist CAELAN releases debut single “Forever With You”

“Forever With You” is the stunning debut single by the youngest member of the Japanese-American boy group INTERSECTION. Lyrically, the song is a bittersweet love song and serves as a teaser for what’s to come in the future. The accompanying music video features CAELAN representing a boy character who is struggling with self-identifying growing pains of becoming a man, and eventually figuring himself out and embarking on a new life journey.

“This song is for vibing out, jamming, singing along, and partying. This song is a great song for when you drive on the road and just want to bop your head through something.  I hope the people who can relate to the lyrics can also sing out with their full heart as much as I did. I want to say a special thank you to the songwriters and everyone who has helped with this song. There was a lot of hard work put into this. I hope everyone can have fun with this song” — CAELAN.

Built over a captivating synthwave production, “Forever With You” is one of the most infectiously catchy songs we’ve heard this year. Keep your eyes on this young man.

Stream “Forever With You” below:

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