Fabian Secon Bares His Soul On New Single “9 Deep Breaths”

Brixton-based artist Fabian Secon bares his soul on new single “9 Deep Breaths”, a heartfelt song about dealing with anxiety.

Despite the global pandemic affecting most emerging artist’s around the world, 2020 has been a strong year for rising star Fabian Secon. He’s released impressive singles such as the excellent ballad “Life Is A Lie”, which have garnered millions of streams across all DSP’s— a huge feat for an independent DIY artist. Musically, it’s difficult to box the Brixton-based artist in one particular genre as he’s known for combining multiple genres such as rock, R&B, pop, trap soul and even disco.

His latest offering “9 Deep Breaths” is another impressive and emotionally-driven single that many listeners will be able to relate to. Sang with raw emotion with introspective lyrics about dealing with anxiety, Secon bares his soul and delivers his most vulnerable song to date. Press play.

Stream “9 Deep Breaths” below:

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