Eat Your Friends — Payback

Indigenous Canadian artist Eat Your Friends drops hard hitting new song “Payback”.

Although I’m not personally into this style of music as I’ve never really connected with any artist within the trap metal, rage or dark trap world, indigenous Canadian artist Eat Your Friends has changed that. Whereas most artists within this style of music tend to be from leafy suburban communities, I never quite understood their anger. Not knocking anyone’s anger or experience, but can you compare that to an indigenous artists’ pain, anger and experience? In my opinion, I don’t think so. I felt all of Eat Your Friends pain on the hard hitting “Payback”, it’s dark and aggressive, and it explores themes of isolation of his upbringing in Yukon. This is the type of song you play when you remember all those who wronged you. It also reminds me of Yelawolf’s (a Native American artist) “Pop The Trunk”.

Stream “Payback” below:

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