Sage Charmaine x Belis — Always Drowning

Sage Charmaine links up with Belis on “Always Drowning”.

Growing up as a fan of artists and bands such as Rico Nasty, Grimes, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me the Horizon, emerging artist Sage Charmaine is apart of a new wave of emo artists who effortlessly blend genres that include elements of pop, rap and electronica. Her latest single “Always Drowning”, a collaboration with another emerging artist Belis, is the first of Sage’s 12 finished songs that will roll out over this year and next year. Although the song is Infectiously catchy and built over a stunning production, there’s a dark theme here— it takes a look at our current society where people often get caught up in clout chasing, doing drugs and more.

“’Always Drowning’, to me, is a sign of the times. it’s a song about not giving a fuck, and kind of getting stuck in that headspace of living too fast. The song is about longing for nice things and doing anything to get them, whether that’s clout chasing, doing drugs, or gossiping, and then losing yourself in the midst of all of it. i see this shit happen way too often, i knew i had to write about it” — Sage Charmaine.

Stream “Always Drowning” below:

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