ivee x Villain — Fallen Angels

London-based artist ivee teams up with K-hip hop artist Villain on new single “Fallen Angels”.

There’s so many talented artists based in the UK that somehow go unnoticed, and London-based artist ivee is one of those artists. The Polish-born artist who moved to London aged one, has also had the opportunity to live in cities such as Brno, Czech Republic and Milan, Italy. She decided to pursue music in secondary school, and eventually ended up at the BRIT School in London to further study her passion and was spotted there by Little Cousin Records. Her new single “Fallen Angels” is the second half of a double single, following on from her February debut “Paris In The Winter”. Filled with catchy melodies and built over a trap-infused production, lyrically, the song explores the inevitable tragedy of coping mechanisms.

Stream “Fallen Angels” below:

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