Ceci — telly

Ceci unveils new single “telly”.

Inspired by artists such as Erykah Badu, Dominic Fike and SZA, Cuban-American singer-songwriter Ceci is known for combining R&B melodies with pop and indie beats. Based out of Miami and NYC, she has been putting stories to music for more than half of her life. Her new single “telly” is the first single of her upcoming EP Days of Disorder. Infusing pop and R&B, the catchy number takes a look at her experience growing up in a toxic parting environment in Miami. Well-written, beautifully-sung and built over a gorgeous production, she delivers a stunning track with replay value.

“Telly is Miami lingo for a hotel party, which is something that happens frequently and where the song takes place. It usually entails renting a hotel room on your parents’ credit card and inviting 50 of your “closest friends” to have a night inspired by Euphoria or Project X. The song reflects my realization of wanting something more than what I began to realize these functions really were: status events for children who so desperately wanted to be adults” Ceci.

Stream “telly” below:

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