Ethereal Songstress Cloe Releases Enthralling Music Video for “Last Christmas [WHAM! Cover]”

Despite being only 12 years old, the sad/pop singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida already possesses vocal abilities beyond her years.  The music video for her cover of “Last Christmas” by WHAM! premiered on The New Nine yesterday.

“I chose “Last Christmas” for my cover because of its meaning. When you really look at the lyrics, the song does have some sort of deep and emotional expression in it. We put the song into a minor chord, and made it sound like my type of music. It ended up sounding intense, with bits of darkness and sadness thrown into every word. I wanted the visuals of the music video to almost match how the song sounds. I wanted artsy landscapes, that somehow gave off that darkness that we tried to put in the song” Cloe.

With a warm and comforting voice, Cloe has a bright future ahead of her and we’re looking forward to hearing new music in 2019. Watch the video below. 

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Photo Credit: Cloe Wilder.

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