Blake Shimoda — We Don’t Say What We Mean

Blake Shimoda releases stunning new single “We Don’t Say What We Mean”

Emerging artist Blake Shimoda returns with his latest offering, “We Don’t Say What We Mean”, a stunning track which showcases his immense potential. Sonically, it’s a departure from his previous release “Sick Forever”, Shimoda delves into a fusion of indie, pop and electronic and rock elements, pushing the boundaries of his sound.

“We Don’t Say What We Mean” not only delivers catchy melodies but also delves into a topic that many can relate to— the lack of communication in relationships. Shimoda’s poignant lyrics add depth and meaning to the track, making it resonate with listeners on a personal level.

“I think a lot communication problems in any kind of relationship stem from just not saying what we really want to say, hence the song title. We lash out and dance around the issue instead of confronting it head on. We end up picking fights about things that have nothing to do with what we’re actually upset about because of that underlying tension, and the longer it goes on the harder it gets to talk about it. I wrote ‘We Don’t Say What We Mean’ about how incredibly frustrating it can be to try and break out of those patterns, especially when the other person isn’t meeting you half way.”Blake Shimoda.

Stream “We Don’t Say What We Mean” below:

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