Kezia Shares Glowing New Single “SUNSHINE”

21 year-old artist Kezia releases sun soaked single “SUNSHINE” off her upcoming EP Claire.

Lights, camera, action. We see a psychedelic forest setting, we hear a sweet whistle, the melody hits, the beat drops and with that enters the bright face of Kezia, the 21 year old Tanzanian-American, California-based artist. Immediately, the song is gorgeous, her first line; ‘I move with the sunshine’ starts the journey she leads us on; through her sun soaked world.

The music video is a trip. As we watch her hiding in trees, growing and shrinking with the mushrooms, and running against the blue sky, her vocals are just as captivating, penetrating and sultry. This is Kezia’s first release of 2021, following “megan fox” the first single off her debut EP released at the end of 2020. Her pen touches on themes of navigating being biracial, living with mental instability and depression, exploring spirituality and learning to love in a world like this one.

Her sound is influenced by R&B and American Pop, and on “SUNSHINE” we hear her layer this combination creating a sound that is uniquely her, the mark of a true creative. Press play and enter her world.

Stream “SUNSHINE” below: