Introducing 17 year-old Newcomer Chloe Parché

We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with newcomer Chloe Parché— the 17 year-old Australian singer-songwriter recently caught our attention with her stunning debut single “Moneymaker”.

Thanks to rapid advancements to digital technology in the past decade, It’s truly amazing to see what 17 year-old’s are capable of these days. We’ve seen a plethora of young artists be discovered on social media networks such as YouTube, Instagram, and now TikTok, but there’s still a lot of artists out there that either go unnoticed or are discovered on music blogs. Meet 17 year-old Australian singer-songwriter Chloe Parché, who took our breath away with her stunning debut single “Moneymaker”. The piano-driven indie pop track is built over a gorgeous production as Chloe’s breathtaking vocal performance takes centre stage— this is honestly, a beautifully written song with an infectious hook. Despite her young age, she sounds like a star and we really wanted to get to know her before she takes over the world.

Where are you based?

Sydney, Australia. 

What’s the indie pop music scene like there?

There’s definitely a fair bit of it happening. Heaps of great artists. 

Do you come from a musical background?

Both my parents have played instruments throughout their lives as a hobby and growing up i was always doing music lessons and singing and stuff. 

Best artist your dad has ever introduced you to is…

There are heaps. a few that come to mind are Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, David Bowie, Chilli Peppers, Powderfinger.

Who were some of your own personal favourite artists growing up?

Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Misch, Matt Corby, Gang of Youths, Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Powderfinger.

Which one of those artists would you collaborate with if you had the opportunity to do so?

Probably Matt Corby.

Let’s talk about your debut single “Moneymaker”, what message are you trying to convey on it?

The message is basically that people can do whatever they want. the idea comes from the old concept that men make the money in a household. the song essentially just explores that in a super sarcastic way. 

Talk us through the creative process. 

It began on the piano, and we just built on it from there. then started messing around with melodies before putting lyrics on them. I think I kept mumbling the word moneymaker when trying to come up with a melody, so the concept of the song sort of just evolved from that. 

What’s it like working with your music teacher?

It’s super cool. because sessions with him are just a casual thing it’s always super chill and really fun coming up with new ideas. there’s no pressure, which makes it really easy to be creative. 

Where do you think it fits in today’s genre-blending industry?

I’d say it’s definitely a ‘poppy’ song but it’s got a laid back, easy feel to it too. 

Why should people listen to “Moneymaker”?

Because they might enjoy it. I hope. 

What’s next?

I’m working on some new stuff, so hopefully that will come together fairly soon

Stream “Moneymaker” below:

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