RENÉ Drops Visuals For “Better U”

London-based singer-songwriter RENÉ drops visuals for “Better U”.

For those of you who have been following us since 2017, you’ll probably remember just how much we used to bang on about the criminally underrated London-based singer-songwriter RENÉ on our now defunct online radio show. Her captivating song “Voices” features on our DNü Radio playlist, on there you’ll find songs that made and inspired DiscoverNü— a left of centre music discovery platform that champions emerging acts who create (mostly) trap-infused music. Born to Mauritian parents and raised in London, RENÉ recently kickstarted 2021 with her best release to date “Better U”, an empowering song about knowing your worth and moving on from a toxic ex— however if you listen closely to the lyrics, there’s a twist. The gorgeous and bouncy production infuses R&B with some elements of dark pop and dancehall as RENÉ delivers a breathtaking vocal performance which seamlessly fits with the vibrant production, and sort of reminds us of the late Aaliyah— it has this alluring 90’s vibe to it. The accompanying music video directed by Caroline Hajny is both visually striking and trippy at times, and RENÉ looks stunning throughout. Well worth a watch.

“Better U describes the feeling of when you have invested so much of yourself and time in a relationship, sticking around with the false hope that they will change for the better – but they never do! Only to find when you’ve finally moved on, they have too, becoming the very person you always hoped they would be…but with someone else”RENÉ.

Stream “Better U” below:

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