Top 100 Songs of 2021: 10-1

These are our favourite songs of 2021 — 10 down to 1.

2021 has been a pretty good year for unsigned and emerging acts, definitely better than last year for sure. We’ve reached that time of the year where we compile a list of our favourite songs of the year. Our taste in music is still eclectic and still differs from other music blogs out there— we prefer unsigned and emerging acts who create alternative/dark music within the genres of R&B, Pop, Rap and Electronic music. We’re not ones to get excited over numbers or clout— the quality of a song and its impact on us is what matters the most over here.

Featuring NoSo, Keni, Marco Luka and more, check out our top 10 favourite songs of 2021. And do us a favour please, follow these artists on their journey to the top.

10: tmdistant x vi0let — nothing new

The production by Abare is an instant banger, the hook is infectious. “nothing new” is unlike any collaboration you’ll hear by two UK-based artists. Its dark futuristic vibe sounds like something that fits the American or Canadian market. It’s memorable, the lyrics are somewhat relatable and it showcases both artists potential.

9: THE KTNA — Can’t Stop it

Not many artists create R&B/Soul as well as the sisters of darkness. “Can’t Stop It” is one of the most slept-on releases of the year. Beautifully-sung, soulful and more optimistic than their previous releases. This song has been on repeat ever since it dropped. They truly deserve better.

8: Alewya — Spirit_X

“Spirit_X” is a mesmerising track with replay value. Alewya effortlessly combines drum & bass with pop and elements of R&B and hip-hop to create one of the most catchiest songs we’ve heard this year. If you haven’t added this to your gym playlists, then do so now.

7: Weston Estate — Hold On

One of our favourite groups in the whole wide world have had a pretty solid year. Out of all their releases in 2021, “Hold On” was the track that really stood out the most. Built over a stunning guitar-infused production the emotionally-driven track instantly connects with listeners.

6: Wesley Joseph — Thrilla

For us, “Thrilla” is probably the best rap track we’ve heard this year. Bedroom-rapper Wesley Joseph took it to a whole new level with the sensational track. Exploring rebirth and artistic revivals, he delivers a track filled with confessions and truths.

5: ELI — Revelation

South London singer, songwriter and producer ELI impressed us with the excellent “Revelation”. It’s a dark, edgy and powerful song about self-empowerment and heroine-ism. The music video is a must watch.

4: Amber Ryann — WORST I’VE EVER HAD

Amber Ryann has been on fire this year, we won’t be surprised if she ends up getting signed by a major record label soon. She released countless of solid tracks in 2021, and “WORST I’VE EVER HAD” was arguably the best. It’s catchy and relatable— universally appealing too.

3: Marco Luka — do me wrong

Weston Estate’s Marco Luka showcased his artistry and potential as an artist with the pop rock hit “do me wrong”. He bares his soul as he details a broken relationship, instantly connecting with listeners. While most emotionally-driven songs tend to be slower in tempo, “do me wrong” is a fast-paced loud and energetic track— a headbanger.

2: Keni — Proximity

Bedroom pop singer-songwriter Keni should really be bigger than she is right now, but this is a marathon not a sprint so her time to be pop’s next biggest thing is coming. This year we fell in love with this sweet Californian artist who blessed us with captivating tracks such as “Sid and Nancy”, “Big Enough”, and “You’re leaving soon”. But our favourite was “Proximity”. The song is about unrequited love and it flawlessly combines pop and R&B. It has this late 90’s / early 00’s vibe that instantly draws listeners in. Also, the music video is brilliant mate.

1: NoSo — Suburbia

Hailing from Chicago, Los Angeles-based artist NoSo released the best song of the year towards the end of September. Effortlessly blending indie and dream-pop, “Suburbia” is about the indignities and joys of growing up in the suburbs. It’s one of the most melodic and gorgeous songs you’ll ever hear. The warm guitars and captivating vocals instantly hook you, this song is just pure magic. NoSo, thank you so much for bringing so much joy into our lives with this masterpiece.

Featured Image: NoSo

Photo Credit: Bella Porter

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