Breakthrough [Ones To Watch In 2022]

10 emerging artists we think will break through to the mainstream in 2022

At the beginning of every year most music platforms/blogs have a list of artists they think you should watch— sometimes overlooking many talented emerging artists who have been organically working their way up to the top. Whilst the global pandemic has affected our daily lives, we’ve all had one saving grace—music. 2020 and 2021 gave many artists an opportunity to create more music at home, create content, engage with fans on their socials and for some; perform their music live in front of an audience.

After listening to music by 400+ artists in the past few weeks, we’ve decided to create three Ones to Watch lists this year. Breakthrough will be predicting emerging artists that we think have what it takes to breakthrough to the mainstream, Emerging List will be predicting unsigned and emerging artists that will make noise this year, and our Homegrown List will feature exciting unsigned and emerging artists based in the UK and Ireland.

Check out the 10 emerging artists we think will break through to the mainstream in 2022, featuring one of the most promising artists on the planet right now, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Aries.


After featuring on our Emerging List [Ones to Watch in 2020] list, fast-rising act Aries has not only developed as an artist, he’s also crafted a captivating sound that has mainstream appeal. He’s one hit away from breaking through to the mainstream, and we believe that will happen organically.

Elley Duhé

The amazing Elley Duhé also featured on our Emerging List [Ones to Watch 2020] list. And she did start 2020 on fire, releasing two fantastic singles “LOVE ME HARD” and “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT”. The latter recently went viral on Tik Tok, and has reignited Duhé’s career. Now the world will get to hear her breathtaking voice and her captivating music.

Santino Le Saint

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Santino Le Saint is one of the most slept-on artists in his own country. There’s not many in the UK who do what he does. Santino is so versatile, he’s capable of showcasing his stunning vocals at an R&B/Soul gig or his highly-rated guitar skills at a rock/indie gig. He’s one hit and one festival booking away from breaking through to the mainstream. Also, Santino Le Saint featured on our Emerging List [Ones to Watch in 2019] list.


Atlanta-native, LA-based singer-songwriter Tanerélle has all the right tools to be a superstar in both music and film. Her music combines R&B with elements of electronic and space to create a captivating sound that instantly draws you in— magnetic. She’s still an independent artist, and we believe if she releases more music this year it will catch on.


We’ll be honest, we only discovered girlhouse’s amazing music a few months ago, and we’ve already fallen in love with it. The bedroom pop artist has this euphoric sound that sticks, and has the potential to connect with many listeners. All she needs now is to support a bigger artist on tour and get booked to multiple festivals around the world, and she’ll blow up. Watch this space.

Wesley Joseph

Bedroom rapper, singer and producer Wesley Joseph is a gifted musician and filmmaker. He hasn’t released a bad song yet, all of his releases have been breathtaking with a lot of replay value. We believe he’s one hit away to really breakthrough to the mainstream and become a household name.

Ama Lou

Ama Lou is another slept-on UK artist— blessed with a gorgeous soulful voice, The North London-native has the potential to be a star. But we feel she’ll probably breakthrough in the US and Canada first— this will either happen after supporting a bigger artist on tour, a big feature/collaboration or possibly her drill-infused R&B banger “Talk Quiet” going viral. And when she finally breaks through to the mainstream world, everyone in the UK will start supporting her— sounds familiar right?


With already over a million monthly listeners on Spotify and a fan base that continues to grow in numbers, fast-rising Canadian indie star EKKSTACY is an artist on the verge of a break through to the mainstream. And this isn’t because he has the numbers— he creates catchy emotionally-driven songs that have mainstream appeal and lyrics that connect with people.

Weston Estate

North Carolina-based band Weston Estate create captivating songs that have mainstream appeal. But what makes them standout and gives them a slight advantage to connect with multiple people from all around the world over other artists/bands, is their diverse background. Marco Luka is of Cuban descent, while the rest of the band Srikar Nanduri, Manas Panchavati, Tanmay Joshi, Abhi Manhass are all of Indian descent.


While many artists often struggle to maintain a career in music after going viral, Toronto-based artist Lilyisthatyou is different, she was always going to be a star, and she’s proved that with her excellent follow-up single “Party 22”. Lily is a few hits and a few festival bookings away from breaking through to the mainstream this year.

Featured Image: Aries

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